The « Academie Des Arts de Combat »

Through courses or weekly classes you can: :Académie des Arts de Combat - Défense de Rue

  • Learn techniques of realistic defense reproducible stress.
  • ​Acquire the knowledge to know what you may be experiencing and how to prevent these risks
  • Develop a good physical condition, useful for everyday life but if you face … or escape
  • Train your mind to manage your emotions to overtake when necessary

The teaching team has developed a range of methods and additional training covering both the physical training, the negotiating skills that psychological or behavioral aspect.
Although these courses are aimed mainly at « Real World », some are reserved for specific audiences such as teachers, doctors, coaches, police, bodyguards …

A specific method has also been designed for women: Amazon Training.

ADAC France is registered with the Ministry of Labour as « Organization can provide professional training« .
Any course offered by the ADAC France is eligible for Individual Right to Training (DIF). Just contact us for the development of the case.

Two rates :

  • An individual rate for the person who takes charge of his training in his personal account
  • Professional rates, issued on request to the person who is financing his education with his business or for a company seeking an intervention for its employees

Companies or organizations can contact us for training « à la carte »: Contact us to let us know your request.

The Academy of Combat Arts as teachers regularly Defence Street and Amazon Training and developed training courses, come and discover.

You’re a club and you are trained in Defense Street or Amazon Training, discover the benefits of ADAC FRANCE affiliation.