How to become an ADAC teacher

To become an ADAC teacher, as in all disciplines, a technical level of the chosen specialty must be validated. (Street boxing, Street fighting, Street weapons or Amazon training).
For Street Boxing which is our basis, there are three technical levels: Basic, Middle and Advanced. For Street fighting and Street weapons, which are complementary, there are only two levels: Basic and Middle.

A Middle level has to be reached to register for ADAC monitor’s training, regardless of your starting level. This ensures that the future teacher has total technique and teaching skills control.
This allows us to focus on the expertise of our teachers who must be aware of their responsibility when teaching a self-defence class.
ADAC continually supports its teaching staff by providing advice, technical and educational documents. 

Each level requires at least 30 hours practice :

How to become an ADAC trainer

Once the Middle level has been reached, one has to pass through a trainer’s course (i.e. the core curriculum of all our disciplines). Certificate of no criminal record N° 3 is a precondition.
Once you pass the test, you will be Street Boxing ADAC trainer.
When you reach Street Fighting or Street Weapon Middle level, you will become, de facto, ADAC trainer in this discipline. No need to repeat the core curriculum examination.

The ADAC trainer may :Devenez enseignant de Défense de Rue - ADAC

  • Teach Street Boxing
  • ​Open a club and affiliate with ADAC
  • Be part of your level or equivalent level examinations jury
  • Administer the Basic level Street Boxing examination

The ADAC trainer may not :

  • Conduct a training course
  • Administer an other level
  • Be part of the ADAC teacher training

How to become an ADAC coachDevenez formateur ADAC - Défense de Rue

You must, first :

  • Be a Street Boxing trainer
  • Have taught this discipline for at least 2 years in succession
  • Have the middle Street Boxing level validated
  • Have passed through at least 2 CATS courses
  • Have passed the ADAC modules « Anatomouv » and « Pre-aggression management »
  • Do a 45h training course and pass the examination

The ADAC Coach may :

  • Supervise training courses on behalf of ADAC
  • Organize the level transition
  • ​Supervise the teacher training within the framework of ADAC course; after a complementary training

How to become an ADAC Street Defence instructorDevenez instructeur Défense de Rue - ADAC

It is the Academy’s highest teaching level

To this end, the applicant should :

  • Be an ADAC coach
  • Have Street Fighting and Street Weapon middle level validated
  • ​Have passed through at least 2 different CATS courses
  • Have passed the ADAC complementary modules « Defence against bladed weapons » and « Stress and aggressiveness management »

The instructor may :

  • Supervise international training courses on behalf of ADAC France
  • Supervise summer training courses on behalf of ADAC France
  • Take part in setting up methods and projects
  • Supervise the teachers upgrading on behalf of ADAC France