The “Academie Des Arts de Combat”

Through courses or weekly classes you can: :Académie des Arts de Combat - Défense de Rue

  • Learn techniques of realistic defense reproducible stress.
  • ​Acquire the knowledge to know what you may be experiencing and how to prevent these risks
  • Develop a good physical condition, useful for everyday life but if you face … or escape
  • Train your mind to manage your emotions to overtake when necessary

The teaching team has developed a range of methods and additional training covering both the physical training, the negotiating skills that psychological or behavioral aspect.
Although these courses are aimed mainly at “Real World”, some are reserved for specific audiences such as teachers, doctors, coaches, police, bodyguards …

A specific method has also been designed for women: Amazon Training.

ADAC France is registered with the Ministry of Labour as “Organization can provide professional training“.
Any course offered by the ADAC France is eligible for Individual Right to Training (DIF). Just contact us for the development of the case.

Two rates :

  • An individual rate for the person who takes charge of his training in his personal account
  • Professional rates, issued on request to the person who is financing his education with his business or for a company seeking an intervention for its employees

Companies or organizations can contact us for training “à la carte”: Contact us to let us know your request.

The Academy of Combat Arts as teachers regularly Defence Street and Amazon Training and developed training courses, come and discover.

You’re a club and you are trained in Defense Street or Amazon Training, discover the benefits of ADAC FRANCE affiliation.