Street defence

In a defensive fight, distances and circumstances change rapidly. Fighters hit and grab one another and often fall down. Sometimes a weapon is involved or one has to face more than one aggressor.
Emotion may alter one’s perception and reactions.
We came up with the intent of exchanging ideas so that our members may benefit from simple techniques, easy to use in many situations and even under stress.

Street Defence consists of three major components reinforced by complementary modules. Each approach is intended to combine skills. Finally, the practitioner optimises his capacity to adapt quickly to a real fighting situation and to deal with the “before, during and after” fight.

Three areas of competence (courses or weekly classes) :

Boxe de rue - méthode de self défense conçue par l'ADAC.

Know how to protect yourself from blows and to use them to defend yourself: Street Boxing

It’s the science of blows for self-defence. Boxing rules are obviously not respected even if many techniques are similar.
This method has been developed by Robert Paturel assisted by Eric Quequet.

Lutte de Rue - Comment se défendre au corps à corps

Know how to protect yourself in hand to hand fighting: Street fighting

It’s the art of hand to hand tactics, standing up or on the ground, considering the requirements and dangers of a real fight. One learns how to handle the distance parameter to get out of this kind of situation as fast as possible because in real conditions it may be dangerous, especially if a second aggressor shows up or a weapon is involved.
This method has been developed by Philippe da Costa and Eric Quequet

Armes de Rue - Comment se défendre avec les objets du quotidien

How to use any object as a handy weapon. Street weapons

How to use an object in everyday life in addition to our body as a natural weapon, to face one or several armed attackers.
It’s sometimes the best alternative to getting out of a difficult situation but it requires prior thinking and training.
This method has been developed by Pascal Tounier and Lionel Lalo together with Eric Quequet.

Complementary training modules (Courses only)

Designed to complement knowledge by focusing on a specific aspect:

  • Protection against bladed weapons
  • How to manage a situation before it turns aggressive
  • How to cope with stress
  • How to prevent aggressiveness
  • ​Scripted real life situation courses (CATS)
  • How to optimise your physical preparation (Prépaphys and Anatomouv courses)

Specific self-defence method for women: Amazon training

Innovative teaching method divided in 3 grades, in order to become an ADAC teacher

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